Facepalm: Has your Samsung Blu-ray player been experiencing major problems over the last few days? It’s not the only one. Users report that a range of the devices have stopped working, with the most common issue being boot loops.

The issues started appearing on Friday when angry owners reported the problems on Reddit, Twitter, and Samsung’s own forums. It appears that whatever the cause, it is affecting various models around the world, from the BD-J5700 to the HJ-4500 entertainment system.

Getting stuck in an infinite boot loop appears to be the most common issue, though some say the machines are making noises as if they’re attempting to read an empty disc drive. Many have discovered that neither the buttons on the players nor the remote controls are responding.

Restarts and hard resets have failed to fix the Blu-ray players. It’s still unclear what has caused them to break, though suggestions include an automatic firmware update that’s had some unintended effects. It might also be an expired SSL security certificate in the firmware, which is a strong possibility given that the same thing happened in December, preventing many Samsung TVs from accessing BBC iPlayer.

Samsung hasn’t released an official statement regarding the problem, but the company will certainly be aware of it. Hopefully, it will offer a fix sooner rather than later—not being able to use their expensive Blu-ray players means lots of unhappy owners. Let’s hope Samsung will be able to push out a solution, rather than requiring the devices to be sent in for repairs.