Highly anticipated: As we head into the Independence Day weekend, game developers have decided it would be a good time to dump a bunch of games on us. There are 50 games in total set to release across all platforms between now and Sunday, July 5. Granted, most are fluff and not really noteworthy, but one is the highly anticipated Iron Man VR.

Update (7/2): Apparently the game plain sucks.

Sony announced Marvel's Iron Man VR during a March 2019 State of Play stream, and it looked quite intriguing. Developed by Camouflaj for the PSVR, the game has players stepping into Tony Stark's shoes and his billion-dollar set of armor to stomp baddies out of the sky. Since then, I have had the chance to play the demo and can say it is better than I anticipated.

The game was originally slated for a February 28 launch, but in January, Camouflaj said it needed more time for polish and pushed the release out to May 15. Sony even had a product page up for it on the PlayStation Store and was taking pre-orders. However, coronavirus came along, and the company removed the game in April, issuing refunds for pre-orders. At the time, it said the game was being delayed indefinitely.

Finally, in May, Sony said that Iron Man VR had a solid launch date of July 3. Days later, it released a demo of the game to tide fans over. The demo consists of a tutorial level and an early game mission as well as time attack modes for each stage. When I tried it out, I was sold from the moment I put on the Iron Man helmet, and the JARVIS operating system booted into the HUD. It was very immersive. The announce trailer (above) doesn't really do it justice. Graphically it is much better than that.

The controls are quite immersive as well, albeit a bit tricky. Using your hand repulsors for thrust, steering, and attacking takes practice to master. However, once you have the suit's maneuverability and weapons systems down, you feel unstoppable, and you practically are. That's not to say the game is easy, though. I still have yet to beat the timed modes.

I had not found a game that I would have considered a PSVR killer app up until I played the Iron Man VR teaser. This title is going to be a hardware-seller for Sony, especially for those who are still on the proverbial VR fence. It really is that good, in my opinion. Well, unless Camouflaj somehow manages to completely bork the rest of the game. It's just too bad it's a PlayStation exclusive.