The fine print: As always, it's worth reading the fine print to fully understand all of the requirements. In this case, the offer is only valid for "eligible new customers." Note that the two plans that bundle Hulu include the cheaper ad-supported version. Furthermore, you'll need to call in advance and cancel Disney+ and / or Hulu before the promo ends, otherwise you'll be billed for continued service at the normal rate once the free period expires.

Verizon is now offering customers up to one year of free Hulu service with select Internet-only plans.

The company's Gigabit plan (up to 940 Mbps down / 880 Mbps up) now comes with a 12-month subscription to Hulu as well as a 12-month test drive of Disney+. The streaming services normally retail for $5.99 and $6.99 per month, respectively. This bundle goes for $79.99 per month with auto-pay enabled, plus taxes (router rental is included).

For those that don't need that much speed, the 400 Mbps plan might be worth checking into. It, too, comes with 12 months of complimentary access to Disney+ and a six-month subscription to Hulu for $59.99 per month, plus taxes and equipment rental charges.

The 200 Mbps plan, meanwhile, affords 12 months of Disney+ for $39.99 per month plus taxes and equipment fees. Hulu isn't included with this bundle.

Verizon was the talk of the town when it started rolling out its fiber-based Fios network more than a decade ago but high installation costs prompted Verizon to pump the brakes. According to Broadband Now, service is available to roughly 34.8 million consumers across just a handful of states.

Image credit: Poungsaed-Studio