Why it matters: Portable displays are a fairly uncommon purchase outside of commercial establishments, but they do tend to offer a good mix of flexibility, functionality, and freedom to PC users with particular workflow requirements. Lenovo's M14t is among such hardware that looks to enhance the productivity of creatives, animators, and presenters with a 14" Full HD portable touchscreen that's also a USB Type-C hub.

Lenovo has announced the new ThinkVision M14t mobile display for PC users looking to extend their screen space, albeit in a sleek, minimal fashion minus the heft that comes with a full-on standard monitor. The 14-inch 1080p peripheral adds 10-point touchscreen functionality to existing non-touch display setups and comes with an included active stylus that offers 4096 levels of pressure sensitivity for digital artists, graphic designers, and annotators.

Like its non-touch predecessor, the M14t supports up to 300 nits of brightness and features tilt and height adjustment, alongside 2 x USB-C ports. These also allow for passthrough charging to a connected device, besides video and data transfer capability. The monitor works in both landscape and portrait mode and has automatic screen rotation support.


Lenovo says the M14t uses TÜV Rheinland Low Blue Light eye-care technology and features an intuitive on-screen display menu for tweaking brightness, contrast, and rotation settings. The new model, however, is slightly heavier than its predecessor (1.5 pounds / 698 grams vs 1.3 pounds / 589 grams) likely due to its touchscreen, and it will be considerably more expensive ($449 / €397 vs $260 / €229) when it launches in September, given it'll now include an active pen alongside the sleeve cover.

Additionally, the company also unveiled a trio of conventional, slim bezel ThinkVision-branded monitors. These include the P27h-20 27" QHD display that arrives in September for $469, the shortly available P32p-20 31.5" QHD monitor starting at $799, and the curved ultrawide T34w-20 34" 21:9 1500R display launching next month for $999.