What just happened? Google has responded to a leak of its new smart speaker by officially unveiling the device. The company says this is a look at "what the Nest team is working on from home." It appears to have the same mesh fabric as the Google Nest Mini, and it sports hidden LED lights. Sadly, Google never revealed any technical details.

Last year saw Google reveal its second-generation Google Home Mini, which was rebranded under the Nest banner and now called the Nest Mini. The firm did the same thing with the latest version of the Google Home Hub, renamed as the Nest Hub Max.

Rumors that Google was working on a sequel to the original Google Home speaker had been circulating since the original device was discontinued. Yesterday, a Japanese regulatory authority leaked the new Nest device, and an FCC listing revealed its model number.

With the cat out of the bag, Google decided to give its upcoming Nest speaker an official unveiling, including a decent photo and a short video of it being used.

Google's photo shows the speaker in a blue color, while it's grey in the filing images. There's what looks like a pink version in the background of the video, which also shows two of the devices presumably paired so they can be used in a stereo setup. We also know that it's a little over 8.5 inches tall.

Google's been here before. Following numerous leaks and renders last year, the company confirmed that the Pixel 4 was real and released an official image.

Google never said when the Nest speaker would get a full reveal or launch.

Video courtesy of: 9to5Google