Editor's take: There have been plenty of times when I'm listing to a podcast and wished I had the video version going to see what was physically taking place between the hosts. Now, if you have Spotify and the creator supports it, you can make the switch on the fly.

Spotify is continuing its summer assault on the podcasting genre with the introduction of video podcasts.

Spotify's new format allows select creators to host both audio and video content on the platform. Podcasts have traditionally been an audio-only experience but thanks to the ubiquity of smartphones, the Internet and video sharing sites like YouTube, many creators are now publishing video versions of their podcasts alongside audio releases.

From today, listeners - both free and premium subscribers - in markets where podcasts are supported will be able to listen to or watch podcasts at their leisure. To get started, simply press play on your mobile or desktop app. Spotify said videos will start automatically and should sync with their audio counterparts, allowing users to transition seamlessly between audio and video versions as desired.

For those that are serious about their craft, there's really no reason not to take advantage of video. It's yet another way to help grow your audience and for followers, it can be a compelling way to more deeply connect with your favorite creators.

Image credit: vichie81, LightField Studios