In context: The first episode of the Final Fantasy VII remake was only released a few months ago, but we shouldn't have to wait long for the followup, right? After all, the core of the game is already built, so production should go rather quickly. The developer said it wants to get it out ASAP, but it is still urging "patience."

Final Fantasy VII Remake was a long time coming. Square Enix initially hinted at it in 2005 at E3. It was revealed as a tech demo for the PlayStation 3 and was expected to release on that console. The game spent close to two full console generations in development limbo as fans wondered if it was ever going to happen. It finally officially announced it in 2015. Square Enix later revealed that it would not even be the full FFVII story but that it would be broken up into three parts.

Since launching the first episode back in April, many have wondered how long it would be before they would get their hands on part two. Square Enix has been elusive about when the next chapter would be ready. We can rest assured that it surely will not be another 15 years. Developers have already swung into full production on the next iteration but cannot say how long it will take.

In a recent interview with Weekly Famitsu, co-directors Naoki Hamaguchi and Tetsuya Nomura said the company plans to get the second part out ASAP, but that fans need to be patient.

"While we are earnestly working on it, we may make you wait, but please look forward to it," said the directors. "We would like to get it out as soon as possible, but we are also keeping an eye on quality for the next one because we want players to enjoy something that's even higher quality than the first. We ask that you wait a little longer, even though we are trying to release the game as quickly as possible."

While a five-year development plan is potentially possible, it is not likely that the team will take that long. Fans can be patient, but spending a decade of their life to complete one story is pushing the limits, even for the hardcore.

That said, we have all seen what happens when developers rush a game, so the last thing Square Enix needs to do is push FFVIIR part two out the door before it is ready.