Something to look forward to: Curious to discover what Intel has planned for its Xe Graphics? Based on a quickly deleted post from its official twitter account, we'll find out more details on August 13. "You've waited. You've wondered. We'll deliver. In 20 days, expect more details on Xe graphics," read the message.

We've heard a fair bit about Intel's Xe GPU platform, which will come in the form of integrated graphics and dedicated graphics cards. Exactly which one the tweet was referring to is unclear, though its wording suggests it'll be some sort of presentation, rather than an actual launch date. It's also unknown why Intel deleted the tweet.

It should be noted that David Blythe, Senior Fellow and Director of Graphics Architecture at Intel, will give a speech about Xe Graphics at Hot Chips on August 17, just three days after the date in the tweet, so perhaps the company simply posted it too soon, hence the quick deletion.

Back in November, Intel said Xe would come in three flavors: high-performance, low-power, and high-performance compute. The first entry in the high-performance compute category, Ponte Vecchio, is supposed to arrive next year on the 7nm node.

In addition to servers and professionals, Intel is also aiming Xe Graphics at gamers, and have announced the cards' hardware-level ray tracing acceleration. We also know that the upcoming Tiger Lake mobile processors will be the first to show off the platform via Gen12 Xe Graphics, and they could launch at a virtual event on September 12.

A recent Geekbench entry showed how a Tiger Lake processor could challenge the best Nvidia and AMD have to offer in this mobile segment. Whether Chipzilla will ever do the same in the graphics card market remains to be seen.