Forward-looking: Sony is reportedly confident that the PlayStation 5 is going to be successful. So successful, in fact, that during its five-year lifespan, the machine is predicted to challenge the PS2 as the best-selling console ever. It's expected to ship 120 - 170 million units---double those of the Xbox Series X.

According to a report from Digitimes, which cites Sony's backend supply chain in Taiwan, the life cycle of the next-gen consoles will be shortened to five years. For comparison, both the PS4 and Xbox One launched in 2013.

The publication states that PS5 shipments may reach 120 - 170 million units during its five years, beating the PS4's 110 million. That would put it close to, or even beat, the PS2, which sold over 155 million. The report adds that Microsoft is planning to ship around 60 million units of the Xbox Series X across its lifetime.

It's worth noting that Digitimes isn't always the most reliable source---it claimed that Ryzen 4000 desktop chips wouldn't arrive this year, something AMD has since confirmed isn't true. However, we have heard that Sony is doubling production of the PS5 to 10 million units in 2020 due to increased demand caused by the pandemic---it took two quarters for the PS4 to sell just 7.5 million units.

As for the Xbox Series X shipping 60 million units; the current-gen Xbox One has shifted around 50 million consoles, and the trend of Sony doubling its rival's figures does look likely to continue.

Demand for the PS5 is expected to be through the roof. The pandemic has seen more people prefer to stay home and game rather than go out and risk infection. As a result, spending on gaming is at its highest in a decade. We've also heard that PS5 pre-orders are imminent, and Sony is limiting purchases to one per household. With Microsoft failing to impress at its recent Xbox Games Showcase, the future is looking bright for Sony.