Rumor mill: As we approach the end of the summer, gamers are getting more and more anxious about the upcoming next-generation consoles. Other than getting to see some actual hands-on time, players are very interested in knowing when the the new consoles hits store shelves. For Xbox fans, at least, the wait for a release date might be over.

We know without a doubt that Microsoft will release the Xbox Series X in November. In addition to it being the traditional launch month for the console, CFO Amy Hood accidentally let it slip in an investor call a few weeks ago. Earlier this week, Microsoft officially announced the XBSX would launch in November, but what day in November will we be able to grab one?

If an anonymous source is to be believed, The Xbox Series X Could be launching on November 6. The date comes from a picture shared with The Verge from the same leaker that earlier this week revealed the packaging of a white Xbox Series X/S controller.

This new image shows what the source claims to be a shipping container that held the controllers. On the box is a sticker that says, "Do not sell or display before November 6, 2020."

There are no discernable markings on the carton, indicating that it held Xbox controllers, so we only have the leaker's word that is what it contained. However, since this person already shared an XBSX controller in its retail packaging, the claim does have some credibility. The Verge also claims that Microsoft has used similar orange "street date" stickers in the past.

Some retailers in Chicago have apparently ignored the stickers and have begun selling the controllers to the public. Some buyers registered their devices online with Microsoft and report that their warranty expiration is dated November 5, 2021, seemingly confirming the November 6 release date.

Even still, Microsoft has not officially confirmed anything more precise than the month yet, so take the news with a grain of salt. The good news is, Microsoft has historically announced pricing, launch, and pre-orders before the end of summer. So we may have something concrete very soon.

Image credit: MatJC