Bottom line: Whether or not Alamo's offer is worth it to you will largely come down to how many people you invite to the screening and just how much value you put into having your own private theater. With the lingering pandemic, some might see this as a great way to host a birthday party or other public gathering in a not-so-public way.

It's a tough time to be a movie theater operator. Covid-19 shut most major theaters down starting in mid-March and although some venues have since reopened, many are leery of returning to theaters to sit in close proximity to strangers for hours at a time.

But what if you could return to theaters on your own terms - i.e., only in the presence of friends and family (or perhaps all by yourself)? That's exactly the opportunity Alamo Drafthouse is offering customers... for a price, of course.

Interested parties can reserve a private screening for up to 30 people. Pricing starts at $150 for the reservation and each person will also have to purchase a movie ticket at general admission pricing.

Furthermore, there's a minimum $150 food purchase with each theater reservation. Alamo Drafthouse serves dinner and drinks during movies, so it probably wouldn't be difficult to collectively hit this minimum with a large party.

Those making the reservation can choose from nearly 45 fan favorite and family movies for their screening. And, since you paid for the theater and it isn't a public showing, you're free to chat with friends, play on your phone or do whatever you want.

Alamo notes that masks are required in all public areas but, unless otherwise noted by local or state mandates, mask-wearing inside the theater is up to you.

If nothing else, at least some theater owners are thinking outside the box and trying new things.