In brief: At 25 inches (H) x 15.4 inches (W) x 19.4 inches (D), this arcade cabinet isn’t quite as large as a traditional machine but that also means it won’t take up as much space, either. Without the optional base, the cabinet weighs around 28 pounds. If you’d rather have a more true-to-life arcade cabinet, the base adds another 32 inches to the overall height.

SNK will soon be offering retro gaming fans yet another way to enjoy classic Neo Geo games.

The Japanese hardware and software company recently announced the Neo Geo Multi Video System, or MVSX for short. The system features a 17-inch LCD operating at 1,280 x 1,024 resolution (with optional software-based scanline filter emulation), stereo speakers and two sets of arcade-style controls.

It’ll come pre-loaded with 50 classic games including 10 games from The King of Fighters series, eight from the Fatal Fury collection and six each from the Meta Slug and Samurai Showdown series.

SNK jumped into the retro console space back in 2018 with its Neo Geo mini and delved further into the scene last year with the Neo Geo Arcade Stick Pro.

Pricing is set at $449.99 for the core cabinet and $99.99 for the optional base. Or, if ordered together, you can get both for $499.99.

Pre-orders open next month with the first units expected to ship out in October.