In brief: SNK said it can switch between Arcade Stick Mode and Console Mode, allowing you to use it as a standalone joystick should you so choose. Users can even connect extra controllers or another Arcade Stick for multi-player action.

SNK stoked the nostalgia fire last year with its Neo Geo mini, a miniaturized version of the Multi Video System (MVS) arcade cabinet released in 1990. For its next act, the company is borrowing a page from Capcom's playbook.

On Tuesday, SNK announced the Neo Geo Arcade Stick Pro which comes pre-loaded with 20 Neo Geo classics. Inspired by the design of the Neo Geo CD's controller (but on a bigger scale), the fighting stick measures 430mm x 215mm x 125mm.

Unfortunately, SNK hasn't revealed which games will be included, how much the unit will cost or when it'll ship. Notably, however, 20 is half as many games as the Neo Geo mini. That system retails for around $100.

Capcom earlier this year announced the Home Arcade, a plug-and-play stick with 16 pre-installed classics. That system looks to offer more of a pro-level arcade stick and carries a price to match (around $250). It launches on October 25.

Sega's Genesis Mini, meanwhile, drops on September 19 with 42 pre-installed games and two controllers for just $79.99. And don't forget the TurboGrafx-16 mini which is slated to launch next March with 50 games for $99.99. What a great time to be a retro gamer!