Highly anticipated: You can expect to see Sony pour a lot of money into promoting the PlayStation 5. The TV commercials haven't yet officially begun, but the first of these was briefly published on the company's Hungarian YouTube account today.

The ad doesn't show any upcoming titles' gameplay, focusing instead on the PS5's DualSense controller and the console's 3D audio, promising to envelop players in "a new world of immersion." The video was quickly removed, but not before Italian channel multiplayer.it grabbed a copy (check the tweet below if it's been pulled).

Sony has talked a lot about its upcoming DualSense controller and how the haptic feedback and adaptive triggers will add extra immersion to titles. There's also the 3D audio powered by the Tempest Engine, which will make it feel like sounds are originating from around the player, relative to where they are in a game.

The ad's appearance, while brief, does suggest that Sony will soon kick off the PS5's advertising campaign in full, and that should mean we'll get the two pieces of information everyone's waiting for: the price and release date.

Sony still gives the PS5's release date as a vague "holiday season" window, though it seems almost certain to be sometime in November. We're expecting it to launch near the Xbox Series X, which is thought to arrive on November 6.

Price remains a tricky area. Back in June, PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan said the PS5 would "emphasize value over price"---a statement that can be interpreted in many ways. We also heard at the start of the year that Sony was concerned about the high price tag, which is a result of the console's cutting-edge hardware. The good news is that based on this ad's arrival, all should be revealed soon enough.