Forward-looking: Looking ahead, the GDQ crew will be back with Fleet Fatales on November 15-21. Awesome Games Done Quick, the winter installment of the marathon, is scheduled for January 3-10, 2021. The hope is that it'll be an in-person event but it's really anyone's guess at this point.

The summer edition of the bi-annual Games Done Quick speedrunning marathon for charity is in the books.

The event, which ran from August 16 through August 23, was a fully online affair as streamers competed from their homes due to Covid-19. Historically, speedrunners fly to a central location - most recently, in Minnesota - to compete in person complete with a live audience.

SGDQ Online 2020 managed to raise $2,315,121.84 for Doctors Without Borders, a charity that provides medical aide where it is needed the most. That's a bit less than the $3.04 million pledged during last year's SGDQ and the record $3.17 million raked in earlier this year during Awesome Games Done Quick.

Given the current climate of uncertainty due to the ongoing pandemic and the fact that it was an online-only event, however, it's still an impressive haul.

If you missed out on some of the action over the past week, fret not as GDQ has already posted many of the runs over on YouTube. I just bookmarked this Super Metroid 100 percent run from ShinyZeni to watch later.