In brief: Upon closer inspection, you'll learn that traditional keys are optional. With the Level Touch, you can enter or exit using the touch of a finger, your voice or a programmable keycard. Like other smart lock offerings, you can use the Level app to let trusted people into your home from anywhere.

Level Home on Tuesday unveiled the latest entry in its line of "invisible" smart home entry products.

Smart locks have traditionally suffered from the same stigma that plagued early hybrid vehicles. That is, manufacturers are so proud of their creations that they designed their outward appearance to reflect the fact that it was something different on the inside.

While that aesthetic approach may appeal to some, others prefer a classic, understated look that doesn't raise any suspicion. Hence, the Level Touch was born.

At first glance, the aptly named Level Touch looks no different than your standard residential deadbolt complete with key slot.

Level Touch carries a AAA rating with BHMA, a residential grading system that evaluates and rates hardware based on security, durability and finish. "A" is the best grade in each category.

The Level Touch if offered in nickel, chrome, brass and matte black finishes through Level's website priced at $329 each. The nickel variant is scheduled to ship out in two weeks; the others don't yet have a definitive launch date.