Why it matters: With your purchase, you'll be helping to support animal friendly charities including Best Friends Animal Society, Humane Society and Sweet Farm, or you can select your own charity.

The curators over at Humble Bundle have partnered with Twitter account Can You Pet the Dog? To create a collection of games in which, yes, you can in fact pet the dog.

A pledge of just $1 is all that is needed to unlock Dog Sled Saga, Bulb Boy, Beyond Eyes and Scribblenauts Unlimited. For a bit more scratch (less than $5 at the moment), you can additionally unlock Where the Water Tastes Like Wine, Death's Gambit and Shenmue I & II.

Should that still not be enough, a pledge of $12 or more will let you add Blair Witch to the mix, complete with the Good Boy Pack DLC.

Humble said the total cost of the games in the bundle would normally be $161. All of the games in the bundle have a mostly positive or very positive rating.

The full soundtracks to Bulb Boy and Dog Sled Saga are also available as bonuses, unlockable with any pledge amount.

Humble's You Can Pet the Dog bundle will be available until October 1.

Masthead credit: 4 PM production