Editor's take: My only concern with the aerial camera is how pets might react to it. Is it going to terrify the cat or cause the dog to bark uncontrollably (which I suppose might further deter an intruder)? That, and it also kinda looks odd... more like a set-top box with a remote sticking through it than a drone.

Amazon-owned Ring announced today a number of new security solutions including the Ring Always Home Cam, an autonomous flying drone for inside your house. Ring is billing the indoor drone as a solution to provide greater visibility when nobody is home

Concerned that you may have left the oven on or forgot to lock the door? Simply fly the drone over and get visual confirmation either way.

The drone can also be used as more of a conventional security camera, providing a variety of viewpoints without having to purchase multiple cameras. Owners can set predetermined paths for the drone to patrol and even have it take flight to check for potential disturbances when an alarm sensor is triggered.

Ring is quick to point out that the camera only records when the drone is in flight. When on its dock, the camera is physically blocked, eliminating the potential for any visual invasions of privacy. And of course, when it is in the air, it's not exactly silent.

The Ring Always Home Cam will launch sometime in 2021 priced at $249.99.