WTF?! Gamers have been making fun of the Xbox Series X's appearance for months now – ever since the design was first revealed, in fact. Fans have compared it to a trash can, a dumpster, and even a fridge. Microsoft, surprisingly, isn't taking the jokes to heart. Instead, the company is having fun with the jabs: yesterday, it revealed the "Xbox Series X Fridge," a real, full-sized product that it will be giving away to one lucky winner.

You can get an in-depth look at the fridge in the video above, but frankly, there's not much to say: it's a fridge, plain and simple, albeit one shaped like Microsoft's bigger next-gen console. Aside from having a green interior LED instead of the white most fridges ship with, it's decidedly.. ordinary.

Still, it looks perfectly functional, and I certainly wouldn't mind having one myself. Fortunately for me and everyone else that might be feeling similarly, there's a slim chance Microsoft could send it to you. Alongside the "announcement" of the Xbox Series X Fridge, the studio unveiled a giveaway for the unit on Twitter.

By following the official Xbox Twitter account, and retweeting the above message with the hash tag #XSXFridgeSweeps, you'll be automatically entered to win the giveaway. If you do happen to win, Microsoft will contact you via Twitter DM to inform you of your victory and ask for any further details they need, such as a shipping address. The full rules for the sweepstakes can be found right here.

Interestingly, the rules claim that the fridge's "approximate retail value" is about $499, which is also the cost of an Xbox Series X. A cooincidence? Perhaps, but there's also the possibility that Microsoft might be willing to make more than one of these, if it generates enough interest – only time will tell.