In a nutshell: There's no mystery about this year's theme for Call of Duty as it says 'Cold War' right in the title. What's also now clear are the hardware requirements in place for PC gamers to evaluate what sort of experience they'll get - from 'Minimum' to 'Ultra RTX' configs - for when the game launches on November 13, 2020.

With just a couple of weeks to go before release, Activision has shared the official PC requirements for this year's Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. The upcoming installment from Treyarch has a gripping campaign with Frank Woods and several other memorable operators set in the Cold War era and the usual Multiplayer and Zombie co-op modes.

The PC specs for the game have been classified into five categories, though there's no resolution/fps target save for the Ultra RTX setting needed to run the game at 'High' fps @4K with ray tracing. Like Watch Dogs: Legion, this game also requires an Nvidia RTX 3080 to fully enjoy the graphical bells and whistles at high, uncapped frame rates.

What's become more important for CoD players as of late are the hundreds of gigabytes they need to clear on their SSD (preferably). Just like 2019's Modern Warfare, the base version of Black Ops Cold War will need at least 175GB of disk space, though multiplayer-only fans would need to download just 50GB, something they were finally able to do recently for Modern Warfare.

For players looking forward to the complete Black Ops Cold War experience in all its glory, an insane 250GB of disk space is required that'll likely grow over the coming months as mandatory game updates are released.

This also raises the question of how much SSD space will be consumed on next-gen consoles where the game's $70 version (albeit with content packs) will be running with ray tracing, higher resolution, and other graphical improvements. Apparently, the Xbox cross-gen bundle mentions the file size at just 100.04 GB.

Hardcore Call of Duty fans, however, can gloss over these issues for now and check out the game's official PC trailer as they wait for the game's launch on November 13, 2020.