TL;DR: Remember Tesla's Cybertruck? Everyone else certainly does. The cyberpunk-themed pickup truck had one of the most controversial designs we've ever seen in a modern vehicle: some praised Tesla for the bold design direction, and others criticized the truck for being too clunky. Regardless of which camp you fall into, Tesla has been planning changes to the vehicle for months now, and sometime in December, we might finally see them.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk said on Twitter that we could see the Cybertruck's updated look in a "month or so," which is about as close to firm confirmation as we can expect from the eccentric billionaire.

Musk didn't discuss any of the planned changes in detail, but in one tweet (responding to a user asking if the Cybertruck will be an "ass kicker"), he said the truck is "basically a tank from the future that's road-legal." That statement alone doesn't mean much and is more of a humorous response than anything.

However, it does imply that Tesla hasn't bowed under the pressure from critics, and has decided to retain the vehicle's futuristic aesthetic. Only time will tell, but I hope that's the case. Personally, I was one of the folks that actually liked the Cybertruck's design. It looked unlike anything we'd ever seen before, which is a rarity in the car industry.

At any rate, based on past announcements from Musk, we know that, at the very least, the Cybertruck will likely be about three percent smaller and have a better suspension than it did when we last saw it. The window sill height will also likely be lowered a bit, and the center line should be more level.

Of course, those details were provided by Musk way back in April, so it's very possible that they're no longer representative of the Cybertruck's new design.