In brief: Amazon caused a bit of an uproar when it announced that it would be giving customers the option to let delivery drivers drop off packages in their garages, but it seems the outcry wasn't enough to stop Amazon from expanding its "Key" service. As of writing, in-garage delivery is now available to Prime members in over 4,000 cities and towns across the US.

Given that Key was initially only available in 50 cities, this is a major service expansion -- "tens of millions" of Prime customers can now take advantage of it if they so desire.

That last part is important: Key is by no means mandatory. Instead, the optional in-garage delivery system is intended to give customers peace of mind and let them dodge porch pirates. With the holiday sales season quickly approaching, Amazon's timing here couldn't be better.

The last thing you want is to have your fancy new $500 PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X stolen by an opportunistic passerby, and Key can provide an extra layer of protection against such an incident.

For those who aren't familiar with Key, it's a fairly simple service, with only two prerequisites: a myQ smart garage door opener and Amazon Prime membership. If you have both of those things, just link up your myQ app with Key, and you'll then be able to select "Free In-Garage Delivery" at check-out on Amazon.

When your package arrives, the delivery "professional" will receive temporary, one-time access to your garage door. Once they do, they'll open up the door, set the package inside, and then close it again.

All drivers that participate in the In-Garage Delivery program must undergo extensive background checks, and they're instructed not to go any further than five feet into any given garage.

If you want to learn more about Key, or check your address' eligibility, visit the service's official page right here.