In brief: It seems like we're living in a golden age for indie and mid-level game development studios. Smaller titles like Among us and Phasmaphobia have become smash hits, and the AA-tier Fall Guys has managed to sell an astounding 10 million copies on PC alone in just a few short months on the market.

Fall Guys released on August 4, 2020, and it didn't take long for the game to pick up steam. As big-time streamers like Asmongold began to play it and discover how entertaining it could be, developer Mediatonic's marketing efforts became much less important – word of mouth was a far better sales tool.

This information comes courtesy of Unity's latest investor-focused financial report. While it does not focus too much on Fall Guys specifically, it does dedicate a portion of its "Biggest Q3 gaming blockbusters powered be Unity" section to Mediatonic's viral hit.

In addition to selling 10 million PC copies, Fall Guys has also become the "most-downloaded title" on Sony's PS Plus, beating out every other game released onto the service since its inception.

Fall Guys, for those who don't know, is a lighthearted "battle royale" that lacks any real combat. Players can bump into and grab each other, but the real "last man standing" gameplay comes through simply surviving till the end of each level.

In Fall Guys, players will avoid obstacles, play team-based minigames, and much more during any given run. These minigames and obstacles are designed to eliminate as many people as possible per round.

You can check out some gameplay above to get a better idea of how Fall Guys' works. The person playing isn't fantastic (though the game is deceptively hard), but the video should still serve its purpose as a basic introduction to the not-quite-battle royale's formula.

If the game seems like your cup of tea, it's only $20 on Steam or your console of choice. The game's latest season of content features a variety of medieval-themed cosmetics and levels, so it's certainly worth giving a shot if you haven't already.