Something to look forward to: It's been a long time since the world got a proper James Bond game, but it seems we won't have to wait much longer. IO Interactive, the studio behind the critically-acclaimed Hitman series, has just announced "Project 007," an entirely original Bond story (in other words, not based on any movies) that will allow players to "earn their 00 status" in the "very first James Bond origin story."

Project 007 is only a working title for the time being, so it will almost certainly change somewhere down the line. For now, the game is in very, very early development -- indeed, it's still in the talent recruitment stage. That means we have no idea what genre the game will fall into, what features it will have, or even what platforms it will launch for.

However, if we were to speculate, we'd guess that it will be a stealth-focused title -- that's IO's specialty, after all -- and it will likely be a next-gen exclusive game, since it's probably still at least a couple years away from a proper announcement.

We make this assumption because, as an entirely new IP, IO will almost certainly want to take advantage of all the tech and features next-gen devices possess, without being tethered by the limitations of the aging PS4 and Xbox One.

Of course, we could be wrong. Perhaps Project 007 will be a cross-platform title with a focus on FPS action. We simply cannot say at this point, but these unknowns don't dampen our enthusiasm at all. IO is a fantastic studio with a solid track record, and due to their independent nature, their creative freedom should be able to flourish without being shackled by the whims of a parent company and its investors.

If you've never played any of IO's games before, we highly recommend starting with "Hitman." Not the original Hitman (though you ought to play that eventually), mind you, but the 2016 game featuring an episodic main story and gameplay that harkens back to the days of Blood Money.

There's a free trial, and each episode will run you about $7. The GOTY Edition bundles all of Hitman's available content for $60, which is a steep price for a four-year-old game, we'll grant you, but it's still well worth your cash; especially considering its replayability.