WTF?! Are you a fan of retro Microsoft products? Do you really like wearing hideous sweaters? In the unlikely event that the answer to both those questions is "yes," then the Redmond company has just the thing for you: Windows Ugly Sweaters.

We've seen the Windows XP and Windows 95 sweaters before, back in 2018 when they were given to influencers and super fans. This time, the items of clothing are being sold directly to the public, and they're being joined by an MS Paint sweater.

"No matter your skill at painting (or MS Paint), you're sure to be a work of art in this "untitled - Paint" masterpiece," states Microsoft.

All three of the "soft-ware" items sell for $70. That might seem a little steep, but it's worth noting that a portion of the money is going to a good cause. Microsoft says it is giving $20 from each sale to Girls Who Code, a nonprofit that aims to get more women into programming and tech through clubs, college loops, and summer immersion programs.

Additionally, Microsoft is giving away free Windows and MS Paint-inspired backgrounds for Skype and Teams, which will doubtlessly impress your bosses and co-workers (or not). You can also download classic MS Paint on Windows 95 via Github.

The Ugly Sweaters are already proving popular. The MS Paint one is currently only available in 2XL and 3XL, while the Windows XP and Windows 95 designs have sold out.