In context: Despite eight years of development and three last-minute delays, Cyberpunk 2077's launch has not been as smooth as CD Projekt Red might have hoped. Players have reported numerous bugs, which is not unusual for early versions of a game. However, some have called it "unplayable" on the standard PS4 and Xbox One.

Stock in CD Projekt Red has seen a dramatic decline in the week surrounding the successful launch of its highly anticipated Cyberpunk 2077. Since December 4, shares in CDPR have plunged nearly 30 percent and almost 11 points since its release yesterday (as of this writing).

The plunge earlier this month was likely precipitated by early reviews. Most critics liked the game but did report encountering numerous bugs and technical issues. Since its launch on December 10, there have been multiple bug complaints from users on social media ranging from characters' penises sticking out of clothing to the game being "unplayable" because of texture issues and frame rate drops.

Today, trading in CDPR is up slightly---from $22.10 per share at open to $22.40 as of this writing---but has remained mostly flat throughout the day. However, a rebound is not out of the picture.

CD Projekt Red suffered a long decline starting in August shortly after it announced a second delay and accelerated with reports of employees being saddled with "forced" crunch time. Stock prices fell 32.5 percent, from $31.10 to $21 per share, but rebounded to previous levels by December 4. Chances are CDPR can make a similar recovery once it has most of Cyberpunk's major bugs patched.