In a nutshell: Features include a desk, a music hub with USB connectivity, a built-in safe, an integrated massage chair, ample storage, a cabinet / shelf for books or gadgets and an adjustable headboard. About the only thing it seems to be missing is an actual lap desk to put your notebook and mouse on.

The ongoing pandemic has forced millions to work from home this year. Many have struggled with their new working environment, but perhaps they're just doing it wrong?

Tech Beds surmises that since we already spend a third of our lives in bed, why not spend it in luxury? As the name suggests, a Tech Bed is a multi-function, all-in-one lounging solution that'll ensure you rarely have to get out of bed.

It's more or less the adult version of that race car bed you always wanted as a kid.

Tech Beds are offered in a variety of colors and materials to match virtually any décor. Unfortunately, they're a bit on the pricey side at $2,950 but that includes tax and shipping charges. You'll need to supply your own mattress, however.

With most of the hottest tech gifts being difficult to come by this holiday season, perhaps something like this isn't as far-fetched as it might initially seem. Surely scalpers aren't going to buy them all up with bots and relist them on eBay, right?