Facepalm: Tesla CEO Elon Musk gets quite a lot of attention on social media – much of it is positive, but a fair portion of it is rather critical. To stem the tide of complaints Musk receives on any given day, Tesla will be hiring dedicated employees who will (among other tasks) "address social media escalations directed at the CEO," and respond to them with "critical thinking."

It's rather unusual for a company to hire workers specifically for a purpose like this, but then again, Tesla is an unusual company with an eccentric CEO. Perhaps that sort of environment demands a different approach to customer service (though Tesla does, of course, still have its own full support department).

This news comes courtesy of a job listing published on Tesla's official website. The position is remote but full-time, and those approved for it will be formally known as "Energy Customer Support Specialists."

The job comes with full benefits, and the requirements are surprisingly lax – aside from the usual "team player spirit" qualifications every company asks for, you'll only need a year of call center experience (or "equivalent") to meet Tesla's standards.

The job listing makes it clear that "professionalism" will be key for any applicants, which is just as much for the employee's sake as it is Tesla's. Musk has plenty of detractors, and it will probably take an iron will to stand up to the inevitable tide of vitriol you'd face in a position like this.

Image credit: Vasilis Asvestas