TL;DR: Have you played The Medium? It's proving very popular. After releasing last Thursday (January 28), the horror game has been selling so well that its development and marketing costs were covered in just a couple of days.

Speaking in an interview with Polish financial outlet (via Gamespot), developer Bloober Team revealed just how quickly The Medium turned a profit.

The Medium is only available on the PC and Xbox Series X/S---not Microsoft's last-gen consoles. It's also part of Xbox Game Pass/Xbox Game Pass for PC, so subscribers have been able to download the game since launch day.

The Medium is an incredibly atmospheric horror that uses fixed camera positions loved by 90s horrors such as Alone in the Dark and Resident Evil---no tank controls, thankfully. It offers a mix of puzzling and a few stealth sections; you won't see any weapons.

One of the most interesting elements is the game's split-screen mechanic, in which protagonist Marianne occupies the real-world and spirit world simultaneously. It offers a unique take on what might have been standard Resi-style puzzles.

Bloober Team has plenty of experience in the world of horror games, being behind Layers of Fear and its sequel. It also made the nightmarish cyberpunk title Observer, starring the late Rutger Hauer and now available in a remastered 'System Redux' version, along with 2019's Blair Witch.

The Medium is available now on Steam, the Microsoft Store, Epic Games Store, and GOG.