In context: The Legendary Edition isn't simply a visual overhaul. BioWare also addressed complaints that users have fielded over the years, such as the obnoxiously long elevator rides in the first two games. It wasn't uncommon for these scenes, which were used in place of load screens, to take upwards of a full minute. That has been trimmed down significantly in the remaster, we're told.

Electronic Arts subsidiary BioWare on Tuesday announced that Mass Effect Legendary Edition will arrive on May 14, 2021.

A pair of early retailer launch dates posted last month suggested the game might drop on March 12, but we now know that won't be the case. Whether the two retailers were using that date as a random placeholder or had some sort of insider knowledge from BioWare isn't known. The latter scenario is plausible, and BioWare may have simply pushed back the launch date by a couple of months in order to give themselves more time to polish the game.

BioWare first announced the remastered version of the Mass Effect trilogy back in November as part of its "N7 Day" celebration.

The Legendary Edition will feature the base single-player content and more than 40 downloadable story, weapons and armor packs from all three games. Buyers will also enjoy enhanced visuals courtesy of remastered character models and "tens of thousands of up-ressed textures." BioWare additionally worked on updating the lighting and improving dynamic shadows, volumetrics and pre-rendered cinematics "to make every story moment feel even more impactful."

Interested parties can pre-order Mass Effect Legendary Edition on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC for $59.99. There will also be "forward compatibility and targeted enhancements on Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5," we're told.