Something to look forward to: With the launch of the RTX 3060 just over one week away, Nvidia has finally confirmed its card's specs on the company's website. The Ampere line's latest entry has an MSRP of $329, though many retailers have already pushed that price up by more than 75 percent for pre-orders.

Nvidia has been pretty tight-lipped about the RTX 3060's full specs since it was announced at CES in January. We heard earlier this week that the card would launch with an MSRP of $329 on February 25, though with no Founders Edition, don't expect many third-party models to stick to that price.

Now, Nvidia has updated its website with new RTX 3060 specs. Team Green had already revealed that the card would boast 12GB of GDDR6, more than the RTX 3060 Ti's 8GB, and a 192-bit bus---the Ti version has a 256-bit memory interface.

Nvidia has confirmed the RTX 3060's 3,584 GPU cores and base clock speed of 1,320 MHz (1,780 MHz boost). Compared to the 3060 Ti, that's fewer cores, a lower base but a higher boost. There was no word on RT or Tensor cores, though it's expected to feature 28 of the former and 112 of the latter.

Power-wise, the card has a 170W TDP, requiring a 550W power supply---50W lower than the RTX 3060 Ti demands.

While the RTX 3060's $329 price is certainly compelling, it's doubtlessly going to be subject to the same problems as every other Ampere release: difficult to find, a prime target for scalpers, and high retail prices.