In context: The tool adds yet another layer of protection for YouTube in its fight to keep unauthorized / pirated material off its site. It also seems equally equipped to help prevent content creators from accidentally uploading video featuring copyrighted material, thus leading to strikes, demonetization or even suspensions after the offending video has been published.

YouTube is reportedly taking additional steps to curb videos featuring copyrighted material from being uploaded to its platform.

Social media consultant and industry commentator Matt Navarra was the first to notice the new feature. When uploading a video to YouTube, he was presented with a new screen noting that YouTube will check the video for copyright issues that may restrict its visibility.

Per the notice, users will have the opportunity to fix any issues that may arise before publishing. In this instance, however, no copyright issues were found during the process.

Imagine losing out on income, or worse, being kicked off the platform entirely, simply for accidentally including a few seconds of background music in one of your videos.

Last month, police officers in Beverly Hills appeared to be intentionally playing copyrighted music while being filmed, likely in an attempt to trigger a copyright strike if it were posted on social media.

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