In brief: Q: When is Yahoo Answers, the internet's longest-running Q&A platform, shutting down forever? A: May 4. The service has announced that questions can be submitted until April 20, but the site will be erased from existence, along with all its archives, two weeks later.

As reported by The Verge. Yahoo Answers has been around since 2005, answering some of life's most confusing conundrums, such as, "Do they have toilet paper in Canada?", "Can I tell by the smell of my husband's gas if he's been cheating?" and "How do I take care of my pet potato?"

Users will have until June 30 to download their Yahoo Answers content---if they want to---including their Questions list, Questions, Answers list, Answers, and any images. Other users' content, questions, and answers won't be downloadable.

Yahoo became part of Verizon Media Group following a $4.48 billion acquisition in 2017. Yahoo says the Q&A site is shuttering because "it has become less popular over the years," and the company has "decided to shift our resources away" from Yahoo Answers to "focus on products that better serve our members." The site attracts around 60 million visitors per month, far fewer than Quora's 504 million visitors and Reddit's 52 million daily users.

A lot of the current questions on the site ask who's to blame for the service going away. Answers include Yahoo itself, the lack of money for moderation, and trolls. The potential reform of Section 230, which prevents online platforms from being legally liable for user content, may also have played a part.

Image credit: Postmodern Studio