Editor's take: Zack notes that durability is only one aspect of a smartphone, and that a case could solve the majority of structural issues exhibited by the Lenovo Legion Phone Duel 2. Still, it has to be terribly concerning for prospective buyers to see how easily the device was ruined. Imagine accidentally sitting down with it in your back pocket and realizing you're suddenly out of at least $950.

Lenovo's new Legion Phone Dual 2 officially broke cover earlier this week and literally did the same thing in Jerry Rig Everything's latest video. Apparently, Lenovo didn't get Apple's "Bendgate" memo from 2014 that large phones need extra attention to overcome structural weaknesses.

In Zack's latest video, he performs the usual gamut of torture tests on the Legion Phone Dual 2. Nothing really stands out as overly concerning until he attempts to bend the handset. As you'll see, that's when things go horribly wrong.

The phone snapped like a twig without very much force applied. Upon further inspection, Zack found the handset broke cleanly along the antenna lines, which are usually made of plastic to allow wireless signals to easily pass. This was confirmed on the other side, as it failed seemingly just as easily, resulting in three distinct pieces.