In brief: Apple introduced its latest iPad Pro models yesterday, and as was heavily rumored, the 12.9-inch model features mini-LED backlighting technology. Apple said this model starts at $1,099 for the Wi-Fi version, but if you want the top specs---2TB of storage, 5G connectivity, 16GB of RAM---that amount goes up to $2,400.

With the new iPad Pro, Apple's tablets are said to offer performance on par with some of its M1-powered MacBooks. They also have a price tag to match. For those who opt for the 12.9-inch version of the tablet with 5G and 2TB storage, which comes with 16GB of RAM, the $2,400 they'll pay makes it more expensive than the top-specced MacBook Air ($2,049) and MacBook Pro ($2,299).

Even the 11-inch iPad Pro, which lacks the mini-LED tech, costs $2,099 for the maxed-out unit, around the same as the top-end MacBook Air and a MacBook Pro with slightly less storage/RAM.

iPad Pros have long stood head and shoulders above the rest in the world of slates---they remain the 'best of the best' pick in our tablet guide---and that helps Apple justify their high price point. With the inclusion of the 8-core CPU and GPU M1 chip, which is 50- and 40-percent faster, respectively, than the previous A12Z Bionic, combined with mini-LEDs that enable deeper blacks, higher brightness, and better contrast, the new flagship iPad Pro was always going to be pricey.

Some argue that paying $2,400 for what Apple has long argued is a computer replacement should be expected. But you still need to fork out up to $299 for a keyboard attachment and, if required, $129 for the 2nd generation Apple Pencil. You might also want to consider the $149 AppleCare+ coverage.