The highest-spec new iPad Pro costs $2,400


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In brief: Apple introduced its latest iPad Pro models yesterday, and as was heavily rumored, the 12.9-inch model features mini-LED backlighting technology. Apple said this model starts at $1,099 for the Wi-Fi version, but if you want the top specs—2TB of storage, 5G connectivity, 16GB of RAM—that amount goes up to $2,400.

With the new iPad Pro, Apple’s tablets are said to offer performance on par with some of its M1-powered MacBooks. They also have a price tag to match. For those who opt for the 12.9-inch version of the tablet with 5G and 2TB storage, which comes with 16GB of RAM, the $2,400 they’ll pay makes it more expensive than the top-specced MacBook Air ($2,049) and MacBook Pro ($2,299).

Even the 11-inch iPad Pro, which lacks the mini-LED tech, costs $2,099 for the maxed-out unit, around the same as the top-end MacBook Air and a MacBook Pro with slightly less storage/RAM.

iPad Pros have long stood head and shoulders above the rest in the world of slates—they remain the ‘best of the best’ pick in our tablet guide—and that helps Apple justify their high price point. With the inclusion of the 8-core CPU and GPU M1 chip, which is 50- and 40-percent faster, respectively, than the previous A12Z Bionic, combined with mini-LEDs that enable deeper blacks, higher brightness, and better contrast, the new flagship iPad Pro was always going to be pricey.

Some argue that paying $2,400 for what Apple has long argued is a computer replacement should be expected. But you still need to fork out up to $299 for a keyboard attachment and, if required, $129 for the 2nd generation Apple Pencil. You might also want to consider the $149 AppleCare+ coverage.

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You are never going to replace a computer without at the very least macos Bigsur as your OS which we know this tablet can run in circles with no issues.

So paying the Apple tax for more storage and 5G which is silly, but not ridiculously extreme (Like the stupid case wheels or monitor stand in the past) feels particularly bad: how would we confirm this device is "said to offer performance on par with some of its M1-powered MacBooks" we would need to be able to run the same applications: So either remove restrictions from Bigsur apps like Adobe Premiere or Final Cut Pro or you know, keep it at "consumer" and not "pro" pricing: no self respecting pro should try to endure editing video with *just* lumafusion specially when again, we know damn well there is no reason it couldn't run premiere or final cut.


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A Mac is a content producer.
A Tablet is a content consumer.

A Tablet is useless to me, while a Windows Laptop at that price would give me an RTX 3080 and plenty of mobile gaming fun for the next 5 years.

However, it can't be understated how great iPads are for the people of their market who make the most use of them and Apple apps. There are some people perfectly adapted to iPads for their needs and one with these specs is fabulous.

Here's my problem: I need 1TB of storage in my iPhone.


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Here's my problem: I need 1TB of storage in my iPhone.

Storage space has been solved, here's one solution "2TB USB Flash Drive Memory Stick" are $23 on Ebay, higher at Amazon. I use them for storage drives in the PC, they're fast over a USB 3.


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As soon as I get my third round of $2400 COVID stimulus free money I will buy one....there’s always tomorrow to buy baby formula and food. Right now I need the newest IPad Pro courtesy of hard-working American sucker taxpayers. Have fun with your IPad Air, losers!

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I truly don't know why people like to hand Tim Cook & Co. a LOT of extra money when they can get a LOT more in a regular old PC. I guess you will have to take away some people's money before they will ever wise up. I don't think Apple should even exist they are such a bunch of thieves.

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Cough BS cough. Nothing justifies their high price points, get real.

At $1200 and with MacOS they would be a worthy buy for real work.


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I am one of the fortunate ones to survive cancer. However, I lost all ability to speak, as almost all of the bits in my mouth and throat had to be removed. (I still have my tonsils...) I am forced to use an iPad as my main means of communication because all of the good communications programs are written for iOS. I also need GSM connectivity, but only for texting our emergency services or receiving texts from people trying to contact me.

I am NOT an Apple fanboi, but for those iPad haters out there, please find me a cheaper alternative Start by finding me a good AAC comms program (augmentative alternate communications) that works on something not iOS. I use Progressive, BTW, and its MS Windows version is not ready for prime time. Even better, find me a replacement set of vocal chords and a new tongue.

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I've been intrigued by the m1, but I can't see myself buying an iPad until or unless they allow bigsur to run on it. It's the same hardware essentially and there is no technical reason for it not to allow both operating systems. I'm not in the market for a new computer but if they allowed bigsur to run on the iPad, I'd at least consider getting one so I can stay up to date on apple operating systems. Working in IT, I mostly refuse to work on macs because I haven't used one in so long, and I'd like to expand my general knowledge of current apple products and ability to troubleshoot issues on them.