In a nutshell: Secretlab, a company best known for its gaming chairs, has just unveiled its first gaming desk. The Magnus Metal Desk has a minimalist aesthetic with modular accessories to personalize it for specific setups. Pre-ordering starts today.

The Magnus looks simplistic, but Secretlab has had it in development for three years. The flagship feature is what Secretlab calls a "magnetic ecosystem." The steel-alloy surface allows for the attachment of optional modular magnetic accessories, including cable anchors, cable sheaths, headphone hangers, and a diffused RGB strip.

The desk also has an assortment of leatherette desk mats. The Secretlab "Signature Stealth" cover comes free with purchase, but the company is partnering with other companies to offer different decorative designs. So far, it only has two third-party mats---one from Cloud9 and another from Team Liquid. The leatherette covers have a magnetic layer so that the accessories still attach firmly to the desktop. It also helps keep the mat from sliding around.

The desk itself has a couple of cool features. First is its cable tray situated under the rear of the desktop. The back of the desktop has a hinged opening for easy cable management. The hinge comes forward when lifted, so having the desk flush against a wall does not prevent the cable tray from opening smoothly. The enclosure also houses the RGB lighting strip, which lights up the lip of the tray door and the wall behind the desk.

The cable tray is open on both sides so users can route cords down either rear leg and hide them with the magnetic cable sheaths. Additionally, users can organize and keep mouse and keyboard cords, charging cables, and other peripheral wires out of the way with magnetic anchors that attach anywhere to the top of the desk.

The Magnus is 29-inches high, which Secretlab says is ideal for promoting good posture, a hallmark of all its gaming chairs. The tabletop comes in two sizes. Both are 27.6-inches from front to back and either 59- or 47-inches from side to side. The smaller version goes for $399, and the larger is $449.

As mentioned, both sizes come with the Secretlab Stealth mat, with third-party covers available for $49 extra. It's important to note that these prices are for desk purchases only. Buying them separately, expect to pay $99 for the third-party covers and $79 for the Stealth.

The RGB strip is entirely unnecessary, but for those that like that sort of thing, it runs $59. Other accessories range from $13 to $29, with a bundle for $44. The package deal contains two cable sheaths, three cable anchors, and 10 fastening straps for keeping your cords nice and tidy.

The headphone hanger and magnetic bumpers for the back of the desk are not yet available. Pricing and availability should be coming soon. Secretlab expects shipments to start going out on June 2 or earlier. I pre-ordered a Titan gaming chair a while back, and it arrived a few weeks earlier than expected. So I suspect shipping estimates include a cushion for worst-case shipping situations.