In brief: Good news for those people who, for whatever reason, need a quick and easy way to delete their recent browsing activity on mobile devices: Google's previously announced privacy feature that will delete the last 15 minutes of search history on mobile is now rolling out.

It was back at Google I/O 2021 that the company announced the "quick delete" option alongside several other safety- and privacy-focused tools. The firm said it was one of the most demanded features by users.

The tool is currently only available in Google's iOS app but will be coming to Android later "this year," according to the company.

Using quick delete requires being signed into Search with a Google account. Users can access the option by simply tapping on the avatar icon to access the settings then choosing "Delete last 15 minutes."

Those on desktop are able to delete their web and app activity automatically (via the Activity Controls) every three, eighteen, or thirty-six months, in addition to removing all the history manually or deleting each entry one-by-one.

Google insists it only tracks users' search history as a way of "personalizing" the experience when the "Web and App Activity" setting is enabled.

Previously, deleting Google search history on mobile wasn't that simple for some users, so making the whole process a lot quicker and easier is a welcome change, especially for anyone browsing content they'd rather others didn't know about.

Masthead credit: Natee Meepian