In context: Yesterday saw Intel announce its consumer discrete graphics brand, called Arc, and that the debut products, codenamed Alchemist, will arrive in the first quarter of 2022. The company didn't give away much else about its upcoming graphics cards, but it might have hinted at the basic design, thanks to 1,000 drones.

Alchemist, formerly known as DG2, is said to consist of six models with EU counts that start at 128 and reach 512 for the flagship model. Intel revealed some footage of games running on its GPU, which doesn't tell us much, and never showed off any potential card designs---or did it?

As per VideoCardz, Intel held a special event to celebrate Arc's announcement featuring 1,000 drones packed with lights. They created, among other things, the Xe and Arc logos, a laptop, and a graphics card.

While this could simply be a generic graphics card design, the kind that would normally come with a "for illustration purposes only" notice, VideoCardz notes that it does look remarkably similar to a leaked photo published by Moore's Law Is Dead allegedly showing a DG2-512EU engineering sample. The image created by the drones shows a dual-fan design with nine blades on each fan, just like the sample, and there appears to be hints of the same concentric ridges surrounding the fan sections.

Intel is no stranger to drone-based light shows. It's put on a similar spectacles at the Olympics, Super Bowl, CES, and to celebrate its 50th birthday. And Walmart used the company's devices for a Holiday event last year.