Why it matters: Lamborghini last week took the wraps off its retro-inspired limited edition hybrid supercar, the Countach. The Italian automaker said it would only be making 112 examples, and already, all of them have been spoken for. The price? Reportedly well north of $2 million each.

Lamborghini confirmed to Top Gear that all 112 Countach production models have already been sold. The company apparently reached out to its most loyal customers and collectors before the unveiling to secure their orders. Lamborghini skipped over pricing details in its press release, but according to Top Gear, each car commanded around $2.34 million plus tax.

The new Countach LPI 800-4 recently made an appearance at Monterey Car Week, but it didn't come away unscathed. Someone managed to curb one of the car's wheels, no doubt a costly error. The curb rash wasn't present on day one of the event, meaning someone must have done it after it was unveiled.

When it was first announced, I wondered aloud what the car would have looked like with a giant rear wing like some of the original models optioned. Thanks to one Instagram user, we now have an answer.

Concept car designer Siim Parn recently reworked the new Countach to make it look a bit more like the original, complete with period-appropriate wheels and rear wing. As you can see, it doesn't take much to make the Countach look a lot less like the Aventador.

Lamborghini will deliver the first cars to their owners starting in Q1 2022.