In a nutshell: At 9x scaling, you're getting the equivalent of 4K resolution, and with Microsoft's newer consoles, 60 frames per second is easily obtainable. Best yet, with DuckStation, you can house and access ROMs on a USB flash drive without having to copy them to local storage.

YouTube channel Modern Vintage Gamer recently profiled a newer PlayStation 1 emulator that runs on Microsoft's Xbox One and Series consoles. That probably sounds like blasphemy, but it actually looks pretty darn slick.

As you may know, Microsoft's current-gen consoles can be run in developer mode, allowing users to sideload software (and emulators) for testing purposes. One such emulator, DuckStation, dropped late last year with internal resolution scaling up to 16x. It wasn't until last month, however, that a UWP Xbox port was added, allowing the emulator to run on Microsoft's consoles.

MVG also recommends enabling true color rendering, which will disable dithering for a smoother look. You may also want to experiment with geometry correction, an option that fixes texture warping in some games like Tomb Raider II, and in-emulator overclocking to squeeze even more performance out of the original "hardware."

When overclocked by 500 percent, the intro to Chrono Cross, which was notorious for its low frame rate, now looks buttery smooth. It's not going to fix performance issues in every game; think of it more like one option in a bigger bag of tricks at your disposal.

DuckStation is free and open-source, and can be downloaded directly from GitHub.

Image credit Hello I'm Nik