Rumor mill: The Apple Watch is set for a major redesign with the upcoming Series 7, as the company is looking to bring the aesthetics more in line with the current iPhone and iPad lineups. It probably won't be the most impressive Apple Watch yet, but a bigger display and improved battery life should make for a good upgrade path for people stuck on a Series 3 or older model.

September is shaping up to be a busy month for Apple, with a slew of hardware announcements expected to take place on a tighter schedule than usual. One of these is the Apple Watch Series 7, which is said to come with an updated display, faster internals, and much-improved wireless connectivity.

While many no doubt have been waiting for a major health upgrade in the form of a body temperature sensor and a blood sugar sensor, both features are said to have been delayed for future versions of the Apple Watch. Instead, the biggest changes this year are an updated design and a larger screen.

According to Bloomberg's Mark Gurman, this year's Apple Watch will feature a flatter design with more squared-off edges and thinner display bezels, as well as more color options. Gurman also corroborates what a number of leakers have been saying this month about an increase in size associated with the redesign. Apparently, the Apple Watch Series 7 will come in 41mm and 45mm sizes, which will accommodate a new set of watch faces, including a new Infograph Modular Face.

When Apple last changed the display size with the introduction of the Apple Watch 4, most of the new faces it introduced didn't make it to the older watches, which could also be the case this time around. In any case, the redesign would bring the new Apple Watch more in line with the new aesthetic of iPhone and iPad, both of which sport a flat design akin to the old iPhone 5.

More importantly, the larger case size will accommodate a slightly bigger battery, which along with a more efficient S7 chipset is expected to result improved battery life. Based on past launch dates, we'll probably see an official reveal on September 14, or the week after that.