In brief: Denon, a Japanese company known by many sound enthusiasts and audiophiles, had already launched in-ear headphones, but its portfolio lacked a true wireless option. However, that will soon change, with the announcement of the AH-C830NCW and AH-C630W, two TWS in-ear headphones calibrated by Denon's sound master Shinichi Yamauchi himself.

On the outside, the AH-C830NCW and AH-C630W are barely distinguishable. Only if we pay attention to the housing finishes and the silver accent at the bottom of the AH-C830NCW, we can see the difference between the two.

However, comparing specifications, it's easy to see which is the higher-end model. While the AH-C830NCW will feature noise canceling, attachment detection, ambient sound mixing and Google Fast Pair, the AH-C630W won't. Other differences can be spotted once you see their internals. Both models use standard dynamic drivers, but unlike the AH-C630W, which uses 10x10mm drives, the AH-C830NCW uses oval-shaped ones, measuring 11x10mm.

Similar to the Bose QuietComfort 45, the Denon AH-C830NCW's noise canceling technology is a hybrid solution that consists of a newly developed algorithm and two mics on each earbud: one for feedback and the other for feedforward. There's also ambient sound mix mode, which lets you hear as if you weren't using the earbuds. You can switch between both modes by tapping the left earbud.

Like other Denon products, the new TWS earbuds were designed to offer a "Vivid & Spacious" sound experience, providing listeners with a "three-dimensionally expanding sound field with a clearer, more relaxed and dynamic sound, and a feeling of openness." Denon claims this sense of openness is said to develop better-sounding bass with more depth.

You can connect the AH-C830NCW and AH-C630W via their Bluetooth 5.0 interface without supporting Hi-Res audio. These earbuds also feature touch controls to pick up calls, but only the AH-C830NCW features echo cancellation technology, preventing ambient noise from distracting you or anyone else during a call.

The design of both models should provide a comfortable experience to prevent fatigue, even during long music listening sessions. Rated with IPX4, these earbuds are resistant to sweat, meaning you can safely use them while exercising.

If fully charged, the AH-C630W lasts for 4.5 hours. The AH-C830NCW's battery life is rated for six hours without ANC or 4.8 hours with ANC enabled. However, the new Denon earbuds will come with a charging case. The AH-C630W's charging case gives an extra 18 hours of playtime, and the AH-C830NCW's case adds 24 hours of battery life if ANC is disabled or 19 hours if enabled.

"The aim of the AH-C830NCW and AH-C630W was to reflect the sound of Denon's Hi-Fi audio directly on the earphones. In addition, we strived for outstanding sound quality that would make a presence in a vibrant market with a large number of competing products," (machine translated) said Shinichi Yamauchi, Denon's sound master, who handled the calibration of the two models.

Both new Denon in-ear headphones will be available in black and white and include S, M, and L sized silicone ear tips. The AH-C630W should come at around $95 with the AH-C830NCW hovering around the $185 mark. In Japan, both models are set to launch in mid-October. Availability in other regions hasn't been disclosed.