Facepalm: It seems that Konami's decision to dump the long-running Pro Evolution Soccer brand (aka PES) in favor of the free-to-play eFootball has not resulted in "the perfect soccer environment" the company hoped to achieve. The game has quickly become not only the worst game on Steam, as per user reviews, but the worst-rated game in the platform's history. Bravo, Konami.

eFootball 2022 was always unlikely to win any awards. PES fans were furious to learn earlier this year of Konami's plans to change the name, expand the franchise onto mobile, and make it free-to-play with microtransactions and optional premium DLC.

In addition to making some of PES' best features paid-for extras that are arriving post-launch, including the popular Master League, series lovers were aghast to see that the graphics in Konami's new title are very mobile-like, even on the latest consoles.

Not too surprisingly, the graphics, bugs, and plenty of other factors have seen eFootball absolutely slated upon arrival. Out of 11,183 Steam reviews, just 1,017 are positive. According to the ranking site Steam250, that makes the soccer title the worst game on the entire store, beating utter garbage such as the second-place Flatout 3 Chaos & Destruction, and Uriel's Chasm, a game so bad it can cause physical pain to those who play it.

This is all good news for meme lovers, who are taking great joy in making creations from some of the game's footballers and crowd, many of whom appear to have wandered in from Wrong Turn/The Hills Have Eyes/Deliverance. Cristiano Ronaldo (above), as shown by Reddit user Livid_Peach4593, looks like he should be complimenting you on the prettiness of your mouth.

Konami has said it will be addressing some of the issues, though one has to wonder how much it will be able to improve the graphics at this stage.