Why it matters: After months of Insider previews, Microsoft has launched Windows 11 to the general public. It's sleek, it's modern, and, if we were to take the company's words at face value, an absolute must-have upgrade for any Windows user (and free!). But is that really the case? Opinions are mixed, to say the least, even amongst our own staff members. Some of us have already upgraded to the new OS, and some, like myself, have not.

There's a lot to like about what Windows 11 brings to the table. Many users appreciate the refreshed UI (rounded corners included), and it's nice to see virtual desktops finally get some more love. And I love the idea of Snap Groups and Snap Layouts: as a habitual multitasker, I'll take any new tool that makes it a little easier to streamline my workflow.

There's also Auto HDR, which is, by all accounts, an excellent and seamless addition to the OS that gamers – at least, those with an HDR monitor – are sure to love. And how about DirectStorage, the feature that Microsoft promises will (eventually) transform game load times as it has on the Xbox. That could be pretty cool, whenever developers begin to properly support it.

With all of that said, Windows 11 seemingly brings just as many changes that users dislike. The truncated right-click context menu is a particular pain point, and people aren't exactly ecstatic about being forced to link their Microsoft account to use Windows 11's Home Edition.

Personally, I'm more inclined to agree with Windows 11's detractors for now. There just aren't enough unique features in Windows 11 to win me over yet, and I don't agree with all of the changes. However, I'm open to altering my mindset in the future.

At any rate, that's just my opinion. What we're looking for here is your thoughts on Windows 11. Are you planning to upgrade? Have you done so already? Why, or why not? Let us know via the poll or comments below.