Facepalm: Windows 11 hasn't exactly been lovingly embraced by the PC-owning public quite like Microsoft hoped, and now another element of the new OS has managed to annoy users: its emoji. The problem's not due to how different they are, but because they aren't the drastic redesign seemingly promised by the Redmond company.

Microsoft has made a big deal about Windows 11's new fluent design look. As MSPoweruser reports, many users expected that the revamp would carry over to the operating system's emoji, an expectation seemingly encouraged by the Windows UK Twitter account.

As you can see from the social media account, the emoji teased by Microsoft look quite colorful and detailed compared to the standard fare, with a bit of a 3D effect. But the latest Insider build of Windows 11 left hopeful users disappointed with a set of emoji (below) that are barely any different to what we've seen before.

Some people are annoyed at what appears to be a bait-and-switch move by Microsoft, even though we are just talking about emoji redesigns, as opposed to, say, support for Android apps. But Microsoft Program manager Brandon LeBlanc claims the Twitter account didn't pull a fast one on users and that it simply posted the wrong graphics in the tweet.

Interestingly, LeBlanc did kind of hint that these emoji may arrive in Windows 11 at some point in the future, though he was a bit vague, possibly so Microsoft couldn't be called out for pulling the same trick twice.

Microsoft, of course, has plenty of other Windows 11-related problems to deal with right now, including the first Patch Tuesday release slowing down AMD processors even more than the release build, the OS' inability to open apps with non-ASCII registry keys, and issues with Brother printers, to name a few.