In a nutshell: Razer announced the availability of its wacky-looking $100 Zephyr RGB facemask at the RazerCon 2021 digital event. However, in the slightly more relevant, gaming-focused hardware category were its new Kunai fans and PWM fan controller, the Hanbo AIO liquid cooler and high-wattage, Chroma-enabled Katana power supplies.

The three-headed snake logo is coming to more PC components as Razer announces its debut into PSUs, AIO liquid cooling and case fans. Some of this hardware, like the 120mm and 140mm Kunai fans and the magnetic PWM fan controller, is now available to buy. The Hanbo AIO liquid cooler, meanwhile, is coming next month, and the Katana PSUs will arrive in early 2022.

As expected, the Kunai case fans start at a rather pricey $44.99, with Razer touting enthusiast-level engineering going into their development. These fans utilize hydraulic bearing tech for longevity and flexibility when mounting, and feature addressable RGB LEDs in the rings on the front and back. Razer also claims 70 percent more static pressure and 21 percent quieter operation than the competition.

The $49.99 PWM fan controller can power up to 8 of these fans with customizable curve control support and packs a magnet on the back to neatly fit inside your steel case during cable management.

Another cooling peripheral is the Hanbo AIO liquid cooler, which Razer has developed with Danish firm, Asetek. This unit comes in 240mm and 360mm radiator sizes, and features an aRGB pump cap with 360-degree orientation. Razer didn't reveal the Hanbo's price, though the wait will soon be over, as the AIO liquid cooler will be going on sale next month.

Lastly, there's the modular Katana ATX power supplies, initially coming in three high-wattage variants. Razer notes Platinum efficiency for 750W and 1,200W PSUs, while the 1,600W model is Titanium rated. Razer says it has used premium electrical components inside for reduced heat, better efficiency, and clean power output.

Like the rest of Razer's hardware, the Katana PSUs are Chroma RGB-compatible and come with a zero RPM aRGB fan to (occasionally) spin and glow where the sun don't shine. Expect the Katanas to cost a pretty penny when they go on sale early next year.