Editor's take: Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy---The Definitive Edition launches tomorrow. I find it sad that Rockstar has failed to deliver any trailers showing its reported gameplay improvements. It makes me suspicious that the studio might not feel it looks spectacular enough to warrant a $60 purchase price. You be the judge.

Although rumors of a trilogy of GTA remakes sprung up over the summer, Rockstar did not confirm it was working on Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy until last month. Even still, other than a trailer featuring cinematic clips from GTA III, Vice City, and San Andreas, which look great, Rockstar has been stingy with the gameplay footage.

It's unfortunate because cutscenes do not convey a fair image to the consumer, especially where remasters are concerned. How many games with great cinematics have ended up being garbage? It would be hard to ruin these three classics, but it's hard to justify a day-one purchase without seeing the finished product.

Fortunately, a YouTuber managed to leak three videos featuring gameplay footage from GTA III and Vice City. Another player posted some lower-quality video (recorded from a TV) from GTA: San Andreas on Reddit. So if you were thinking about buying the trilogy, check out the gameplay to be sure it meets your expectations before tossing Rockstar $60 for the nearly 20-year-old games.

Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy---The Definitive Edition launches tomorrow, November 11, on almost every platform you can think of, including current and last-gen consoles, PC, and Nintendo Switch. Disc versions are on the slate for December 7, and mobile ports for both iOS and Android should land in the first half of 2022.