In brief: Halo Infinite developer 343 Industries released the multiplayer element of Master Chief's latest adventure not quite two weeks ago. We got in on some closed betas, which were really fun. However, it hasn't taken cheaters long to ruin the game. Cheating has gotten so bad that console players are requesting 343 disable cross-play until the game has a viable mitigation platform in place.

The Halo subreddit has been flooded with cheat complaints since Halo Infinite's multiplayer mode entered open beta on November 15. There are dozens of examples people have posted to social media showing players using aimbots and wallhacks to cheat their way to a win. Hackers have also figured out a way to block theater mode replays, making it virtually impossible to report the cheaters.

Cheat vendors are allegedly advertising mods that provide infinite ammo and even have software to unlock paid cosmetics. You know the situation is bad when even your paywalled stuff is getting pwned. According to a report on Reddit, one cheat provider summed it up, saying that Halo Infinite's anti-cheat is worse than the one Call of Duty: Warzone was using when it was first released.

Players on Reddit and Twitter are demanding 343 do something about the cheating. At the very least, console users would like developers to add a cross-play toggle allowing them to choose whether to include PC players. Others would like to have a dedicated report button they can use during a match.

Neither Microsoft nor 343 have officially responded to reports of out-of-control cheating. However, if claims that hackers have mods that can steal cosmetics are valid, it's likely to be dealt with post-haste.

It's also worth mentioning that the game is still technically in beta. While beta testing is a time to squash bugs, it's also a time to assess performance. The devs are sure to be noting the rise of cheating and should be planning to include mitigation methods in an upcoming patch. Until then, a lot of players are likely to turn the game off altogether.