We want your feedback! Early next week we are opening a holiday giveaway however we still haven't decided on the prizes, so we ask you... what would you be interested in getting? Please comment on this post.

To give you an idea, so far we have secured some credit from our hardware sponsor Newegg and also 15 items (shirts, etc.) from SplitReason for secondary prizes. Obviously the bigger prizes will consist on PC hardware but we have to decide whether to give one or two BIG prizes or several smaller items.
Among the products I have thought of giving away we have: Radeon 9800 Pro, Radeon 9600s, DVD Burners, PC2700+ RAM. It could be some combination of those items or something like that, we want to hear your thoughts.

In case you are curious, we do have decided what the contest itself will consist of... in order to be eligible you must remain an active poster in our news coverage, that is, post comments in those threads created from our daily news coverage... then of course the more thoughtful comments have a bigger chance of winning, but we will unveil more details on that later.